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When you get a horse that takes off on you



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Outcomes of me giving a leg up:

  • I will lift you high enough to mount a miniature pony
  • you will be launched to the international space station


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Questions for Riders
  • 1. Why did you start riding?
  • 2. What was the name of the first horse you rode?
  • 3. The horse that taught you the most?
  • 4. Scariest riding experience?
  • 5. Riding related pet peeve?
  • 6. Picture of your first horse?
  • 7. Biggest achievement in riding so far?
  • 8. Which discipline do you do?
  • 9. If you could try a different discipline, which would you pick?
  • 10. Showing or trail riding?
  • 11. Thoroughbreds or warmbloods?
  • 12. Favourite breed of horse?
  • 13. Best riding advice you've ever gotten?
  • 14. What does everyone need to know about horses?
  • 15. Colourful or traditional tack?
  • 16. Favourite part of the equestrian community?
  • 17. Least favourite part?
  • 18. Goals for riding?
  • 19. Worst advice you've ever gotten?
  • 20. Were you ever "that one horse girl" in school?
  • 21. Most embarrassing moment?
  • 22. What is the best part of riding right now?
  • 23. What do you want to change about the way you ride?
  • 24. Favourite famous horse?
  • 25. The worst habit a horse could have is?
  • 26. Do you listen to music when you ride? What songs?
  • 27. Favourite place to show at? Post a picture?
  • 28. Are you a nervous rider?
  • 29. Ever been on a horse- themed holiday?
  • 30. If you knew you could, what would you change about the horse world?
  • 31. What are the goals behind the way you ride and train your horses?
  • 32. Describe your perfect horse.
  • 33. What is in your grooming bucket?
  • 34. Worst ride ever?
  • 35. Do your parents and friends support your riding?
  • 36. Worst fall you've ever had?
  • 37. Most recent fall?
  • 38. Favourite riding outfit?
  • 39. Riding idol?
  • 40. Are you going to have a career with horses?
  • 41. Do you have any equitation flaws you'd like to fix?
  • 42. Are there any styles/ trends/ etc that you don't like in the horse world?
  • 43. Any training methods that you completely disagree with?
  • 44. What is your grooming routine?
  • 45. Thoughts on riding without a helmet?
  • 46. Small or big horses?
  • 47. Funniest show name you've ever heard?
  • 48. What would you name your dream horse?
  • 49. Favourite colour of horse?
  • 50. For or against spurs, crops and artificial aids?
  • 51. Describe your horse, if you have one!
  • 52. How high have you jumped?
  • 53. Do you have a job with horses?
  • 54. How many times a week are you at the barn?
  • 55. Have you ever catch ridden?
  • 56. Bareback or saddle?
  • 57. Thoughts on liberty?
  • 58. Rider you would like to meet?
  • 59. Any other facts about yourself and your horses!
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It’s funny how I am afraid of silly things,- Seriously, I am an equestrian, everytime I sit on a horse I risk my life. 

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Dressage is hard as shit and no one will convince me otherwise.

My appreciation for this post is limitless.

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things i usually say during my rides
  • me: can you not
  • me: put your head down you're not a giraffe
  • me: can you please go faster
  • me: oh god slow down horse slow down
  • me: stop being so sassy for the love of god
  • me: look at that horse over there! do what he's doing
  • me: what the hell are you looking at
  • me: oh look, it's a person. much fright. so very scare.
  • me: it's another horse can yoU CALM DOWN
  • me: that blanket has been there the entire time we've been in here why are you afraid of it now.
  • horse: herp derp derp derp
  • me: *face palms*
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