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It’s funny how I am afraid of silly things,- Seriously, I am an equestrian, everytime I sit on a horse I risk my life. 

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Dressage is hard as shit and no one will convince me otherwise.

My appreciation for this post is limitless.

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things i usually say during my rides
  • me: can you not
  • me: put your head down you're not a giraffe
  • me: can you please go faster
  • me: oh god slow down horse slow down
  • me: stop being so sassy for the love of god
  • me: look at that horse over there! do what he's doing
  • me: what the hell are you looking at
  • me: oh look, it's a person. much fright. so very scare.
  • me: it's another horse can yoU CALM DOWN
  • me: that blanket has been there the entire time we've been in here why are you afraid of it now.
  • horse: herp derp derp derp
  • me: *face palms*
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At the barn on my period...
  • Me: Fuck off, mare.
  • Me: Damn it, was that a leak? In my Irideons? REALLY?
  • Me: Uh-uh, I don't think so, bitch, I'ma drop my shit in the wash rack before you park your stupid horse.
  • Me: Ugh, I don't want to do this today.
  • Me: But do the horses HAVE to be turned out?
  • Me: Okay, where's my fucking hoof pick? WHO USED MY HOOF PICK?
  • Me: No, that's mine.
  • Me: You better take this bit, bitch.
  • Me: If I can't find a halter to fit his massive head, I swear...
  • Me: Okay, the wash rack is a mess and I would rather not put my horse in your slop. Fix that, will ya hon? Honestly...
  • Me: Screw the lesson kids, I have tack to clean.
  • Me: I wanna go hooommmeee.
  • Me: Is it safe to ride on pain killers, do you think?
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The reason I don’t smile when I’m riding is because I’m trying to remember where the fuck I’m going.

Or what the fuck I’m doing

Or how the fuck to do it

And if I am smiling, it’s because i just fucked up and i’m trying to cover it up.

This is the best equestrian post on tumblr

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