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The reason I don’t smile when I’m riding is because I’m trying to remember where the fuck I’m going.

Or what the fuck I’m doing

Or how the fuck to do it

And if I am smiling, it’s because i just fucked up and i’m trying to cover it up.

This is the best equestrian post on tumblr

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Equestrian questionsss! (theyorkshirepony)
  • i tried to make them interesting and different, so sorry if some are confusing!
  • 1. On a scale of one to ten, how "fancy" d you think other people would rate your horse?
  • um, it depends some people love him others don't like him.
  • 2. What are your two favourite colours to use on your horse? (saddlepads, polos ect)
  • Bright blue/aqua colour and white.
  • 3. Do you sometimes ride with earphones in?
  • Yes, quite alot recently he chills out more when its louder.
  • 4. Name all the horses you have ridden who's names start with either of your initials (EG Jess Smith - Jack, Sonny, Sara, Jazz, Sammy)
  • Megan Pollitt. Megan , Marley, Millie , Max eurm i cant think of any P's.
  • 5. Quick! think of a horse. What was the coat colour of the horse you first thought of?
  • Bay
  • 6. How often do you clean your tack?
  • Not often enough probably every few weeks unless im out anywhere, gets a wipe down after dirtier rides.
  • 7. If you wanted to change your horse's name, what would you change it to?
  • Bernard to um I dont know.
  • 8. If your horse was in high school, what stereotype would he/she be?
  • The wimpy kid that hangs around with the new kids but has a cool popular friend that stops him from getting bullied but good a sports : P
  • 9. are there any songs you relate horses/riding to?
  • not off the top of my head
  • 10. post the earliest riding picture you have.
  • me as a baby on bambam
  • 11. would you rather... have no arena and hack out all the time or have an arena but never be able to hack out?
  • oooooh i went from having no arena for 6 years of owning a horse and i love hacking but after having one for 2 years and the change in the horses is amazing but i think they need to hack but erm id want an arena or have hacking with a place to school.
  • 12. if you had to stick to one sole aspect of riding (eg JUST dressage, no jumping, hacking, xc, equitation ect) what would you choose?
  • either dressage or hacking.
  • 13. would you rather... have a fancy high level horse that you were never allowed to show, or have a slightly below average horse that you could show?
  • below average horse
  • 14. give a description of your ideal schooling outfit.
  • horse: polos, saddle pad, furry girth.
  • rider: polo, grey breeches, long boots and a nice jumper.
  • 15. have you ridden any "unusual" breeds? (basically anything except warmbloods, tbs, cobs, arabians, ect)
  • Probably
  • 16. where is your favourite trail ride/hack? describe it.
  • eurm for a shortish hack probably 2 hours youd go up the lane over bridge or through the river , through a housing estate , down some tracks and then lots of fields next to a river then follow it round and come back down some other tracks to the pits which is basically fields and fields of openess with a cute nature reserve and logs then about 20 mins down a road and down the lane to our yard or a 10 mile hack which is road and tracks and woods and lakes and its pretty.
  • 17. if you had unlimited money, name the FIRST thing you would buy your horse.
  • The most expensive treat i could find hed appreciate it or id buy my pony a new saddle as his is held together buy plasters to stop the leather splitting further but when bernie sells he gets a new one but ahhhh bernie : '(
  • 18. name a style if riding you have wanted to try but not yet tried it.
  • western
  • 19. share a fact about your riding life that your followers might not know.
  • Basically when I go to uni in a year i cant ride apart from when i come home : (
  • 20. is there an discipline of riding you don't like? if so, why?
  • nope
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